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The Bleary Owl Gamers
We are an informal group of gamers that do our best to escape into our imaginations on a weekly basis. So we game late into the evening, eat junk food to our hearts' content, and toast our triumphs with only the best spirits.
The Realm Of Pirem

The Pirem Empire is set in the fantasy world called Ji'aj that is currently being explored in a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 role-playing campaign. The Pirem Empire has been evolving for the last ten years, although some of the players have changed. Pirem has become a living, breathing place with a detailed history and rich culture. It is an ancient world populated by villagers, werewolves, politicians, assassins, shadowy secret societies and much more. We invite you to explore the Pirem Empire and the stories we tell. Enjoy!

ThePlayers: who we are and the characters we play ( Sjer Volorn Afalar Zali Ezra Telal Cira)

Jiaj: Ji'aj is the vast dynamic world we explore ( TheMaps PiremEmpire )

TheStories: The adventures and campaigns we have embarked on.

ThePeople: The races, cultures, groups, and NPC's that inhabit the world.

GM_Resources: Other resources for the GM only such as house rules. (TheRules)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License . The original author, as defined by this license, is Chris Epting.

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